SpiritBomb UPDATE NR.9: 20/12/2021

SpiritBomb Wallet (8,5% of circulating supply) SED #1 vote results!

Today we are announcing the outcome of the first-ever SED#1 (SpiritBomb Explosion Decision). In the last 10 weeks, the SpiritBomb wallet has been increasing in size, and now it eventually exploded! Therefore its faith had to be decided upon through a community-based vote, there were several options to choose from (as suggested by the Community):

  1. Burn the 21,000,000,000 of $SBMB
  2. Airdrop the 21,000,000,000 of $SBMB over current holders
  3. Burn 75% of 21,000,000,000 of $SBMB and keep 25% for rewards for the SpiritBomb NFT Game

Through our in-house developed voting mechanism, your weighted SpiritBomb holding accounts had the power to influences the direction of the SpiritBomb project!

The Results are in, and option 3 has been voted upon by a large majority of the community!:

  1. Burn the 21,000,000,000 of $SBMB - 7%
  2. Airdrop the 21,000,000,000 of $SBMB over current holders - 1%
  3. Burn 75% of 21,000,000,000 of $SBMB and keep 25% for rewards for the SpiritBomb NFT Game - 92%

SED#1 has been executed this night, meaning that the circulating supply is decreased.

Original circulating supply: 255,000,000,000 $SBMB
Amount of tokens burned:
15,750,000,000 $SBMB < burn tx
Tokens reserved for NFT game rewards: 5,250,000,000 $SBMB <
reward wallet
New circulating supply:
234,000,000,000 $SBMB
Original SpiritBomb wallet token amount:
22,276,747,301 $SBMB
New SpiritBomb wallet token amount:
1,276,747,301 $SBMB

What is the Effect of Burning Tokens?

Burning tokens from the circulating supply, has the effect of decreasing the amount of tokens in circulation. This means that future purchases will increase the price at a much faster rate!

Holiday Season 2021/2022: Re-Charging & Family Time

Here at SpiritBomb we believe in sustainable employment and therefore respect the time of our employees, team and community. The coming two weeks will be full of family events, mandatory dinners, and other gatherings that you could see as great opportunities to onboard new SpiritBomb community members.

In the last 8 months, the SpiritBomb Team has been working tirelessly in making the prep, launch and the post-launch of the project a true success. While we charge our battery and scale-down updates for the coming two weeks. That’s not to say there won’t be any updates, just smaller ones, we’ve got some cool promotion material to share for next week. Above all we wish you a safe and healthy holiday season and a Merry Christmas of course!

Team SpiritBomb

SpiritBomb is an anime-inspired NFT Game on BSC ($SBMB), built by and for the Community!

As always, make sure to follow our official social media channels to stay up to date on the latest and greatest regarding SpiritBomb!

Telegram, Twitter, SpiritBomb.Energy




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Legends are not born, they are created!

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